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Hemp Seed Oil

'Liquid Engineering for the Human Body'

Hemp Seed Oil Seeds
Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa

Not Just a 'Food of the Gods', but a 'Superfood of the Gods', find out why...

Now you can learn all about hemp seed oil and essential fatty acids and why they are essential to health and well-being. Simply download the amazingly informative PDF booklet "HEMP SEED OIL - Liquid engineering for the human body".

In this booklet Stuart tells us how he first became aware of hemp seed oil and its benefits. He tells us how and why it stands out from the crowd of all the other oils available.

It is important to understand also that this booklet represents some 30 years of experience and study of oils and Stuart explains how he has observed the steam-roller commercial world of oils swing dramatically from the early days of nutritional oil marketing with its Omega-6 craze right through to the Omega-3 fish oil craze of today! Importantly he analyses the claims regarding which oil is the best or which group of essential fatty acids is best and reaches some surprising conclusions! He describes how we have been led a merry dance by commercial interest and pseudo-science regarding essential fatty acids and he tells us exactly why he believes hemp oil to truly be "nature’s perfect balance of essential fatty acids".

What’s more, apart from learning that hemp seed oil contains all the important groups of essential fatty acids; Omega-6, 3, 9 and GLA you will discover that it is thought to contain these essential fatty acids in the perfect ratio for human metabolism. Along the way Stuart will also describe:

What fats are, what they are made up of, where they are found, why they are needed by the body and the differences between saturated and unsaturated/polyunsaturated fats.

The essential fatty acids, what they are, where they are found, why we need them and what happens if we become deficient in them and what terminology such as Omega-3 actually means.

Why the modern diet fails to provide adequate and balanced amounts of essential fatty acids and why hemp was so important in the past.

What happens to essential fatty acids when they are digested and metabolised.

How essential fatty acids and oils such as hemp seed oil can play an important role in helping not just to maintain health but actually fight against certain diseases.

How the different oils such as evening primrose, flax, fish etc compare in their essential fatty acid content and examine the controversies surrounding which one is best and which ratio of essential fatty acids may be best.

How much oil we need daily to furnish our essential fatty acid requirements.

When you have finished reading the booklet you will not only know more about fats and essential fatty acids than you ever imagined but you will be able to wade right into the debate on which oils and essential fatty acids are the best for human consumption armed to the teeth with real world experience and hard science!

Buy the oil...

Buy the oil

If you would like to buy the freshest, organic hemp seed oil possible, not hot off the press but cold pressed off the press, please give Stuart a call on 07802 408146. Stuart has worked with oil pressing firms for 25 years and only uses oil fresh from the press. You can have any quantity you like from half a litre upwards! If there are any other oils you would like as fresh as possible just give me a ring.

Hemp Seed Oil

'Liquid Engineering for the Human Body'

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